Personal Gardens

I began gardening in 2014, and I have decided to move forward with teaching gardening and creating gardens everywhere I can.
I took gardening lessons with Master Gardener Louisa Cardenas of the Garden of Possibilities at Carthay Circle Elementary School. After a few lessons, I volunteered at this garden for several months before deciding to start my own gardens.
I started out within the boundaries of my own home, creating two balcony gardens filled with flower, herbs fruit and succulents.
In December 2015, I received a plot at the Sepulveda Community Garden as a birthday present from my partner Aaron.
We have cultivated this nearly 40x40 space into our own organic fruit, vegetable and herb garden – complete with a cactus and succulent area, a bird bath and bird feeder, and piles of sticks for the lizards to hang out in.

  • Date 2014 – Now

Autumn Moon Sage in our Sepulveda Community Garden Plot – May 2017

First look at the garden plot at the Sepulveda Community Garden!

Putting in work!

We created the garden boxes with my parents.

The fence was built by Aaron and his friend Will.

Aaron mixing the soil.

Feeling accomplished.

March 2017 – Reconfigured our plot’s garden boxes for maximum sunshine!

My garden plot at Sepulveda Community Garden as of June 2016


Our First Hydroponic Balcony Garden

Seedlings installed in the hydroponic system

Butter Lettuce in the hydroponic system on the balcony garden

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree Glamour Shot from the Balcony Garden

Hummingbird oasis on the balcony garden

The Garden of Possibilities is where I first learned how to garden! Located at Carthay Circle Elementary School in Los Angeles, this garden has truly developed into a student oasis overtime.