Knowing When To Let Go Zine

“Knowing When to Let Go” is a therapeutic zine I made to help me heal and deal with the realities of balancing self-esteem in a world full of negativity.
Created in 2016, this project was made in a workshop taught at the WCCW (Women’s Center for Creative Work).

  • Date 2016
  • Type handmade therapeutic zine

A few years ago I came to the realization that my sanity and self-esteem require me to remove brutes, bullies and aggressively hateful people from my life.

Flipped text:
The reality is that this decision is never taken lightly. I work hard to do things to be proud of myself & keep up my self esteem, while learning about myself & my limits. I don't need ANYONE undoing this hard work. I may lose others, but I FIND MYSELF.

Pages 5-6

Back Cover

Move forward knowing there are people who will respect you and uplift you.