Last year I set out to create a community workshop centered around the plants that I love and meditation.

From this desire came the “Get to Know Herbs” Garden Workshop.  I created a zine to go along with the workshop where folks could learn more about each plant, take notes on the teas they tasted, and write their reflections from the group mediation.

I made this workshop one part serene, one part educational and one part sensory experience. The participants got to know the herb plants that I love in a deep way.

In the beginning of the workshop, I took everyone on a quick tour of the Sepulveda Basin Community Garden Center, the location of my garden. I ended the tour at the front gates of my garden plot, welcoming everyone in to my sacred space.

Initially I walked them through each plant, making introductions and inviting the participants to experience each living plant visually, by touch and by its scent. I gave historical information and the various uses of each plant while folks breathed in the delicious scents these plants exuded.

I introduced everyone to my lavender plant, culinary sage plant, autumn moon sage plant, mint plants, rosemary plants, lemon balm plant and a lemon verbena plant.

Each plant has a distinctive smell and triggers different memories, emotions and vibes.

I then took it to the next level!

While my sweetheart Aaron shared more information about the plants and gardening, I brewed teas using some pre-selected herbs from the garden.

Each person tasted one of three herbal teas in cute little heart-shaped tea tasting glasses.

Illustrations by Veronica Guzzardi

The flavors of the herbs were designed into teas that complimented and boosted each flavor.  I love mixing the herbs leading up to the workshop to find just the right blend for the folks to taste each herb’s brilliance.

After the tea tasting and a small discussion of the flavors, we settled in for a garden meditation. Each person was asked to sit next to the plant that really grabbed their attention and drew them in.

Once each person had set themselves up next to their favorite plant, I started a meditation from a book that I love, “You are Wild” Meditation Guide by Jessica Snow.

This is a book I have for sale in the shop because it is filled with beautiful meditations to connect people with nature. I read the meditation called “Plants” and watched as the participants took in the essence of their favorite plant. Within the meditation, you are asked to listen to the plants – the final sense.

This experience brought about a sweet sense of calm, as though everyone had connected to the peaceful flow of nature.

I’m excited to bring this Garden Meditation Workshop back in 2019, with a few changes from the feedback I received from the awesome folks who joined me for my first workshop.