Meet Natalie

“I’m a Soil Building Gardener who loves Birdwatching, Tea and Meditating in Nature”


Natalie has enjoyed the experience of gardening for almost a decade.  She has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate Course at the Permaculture Academy in Los Angeles with the awesome Larry Santoyo and his band of Permaculture Dedicated Teachers.

Natalie loves to continue to learn about Nature and herself through skill-building workshops and participating in gardening projects for non-profit organizations.

She dedicates her time to gardens at the Sepulveda Basin Community Garden Center, the gardens of Greenway Arts Alliance at Fairfax High School and her own #BalconyGarden.

Natalie highly encourages bringing Nature inside of the home with houseplants, herbs and air plants.  Gardening beginners can fall in love with succulents and easy to grow herbs to get a taste of the life lessons of plants.

She views garden cultivating through the two focuses: ecology building and nature mimicry.  She also emphasizes the importance of community building in the garden and in Los Angeles through her work of growing sustainable event management and organization growing systems at Greenway Arts Alliance.

“Soil and Community are the ecosystems we are cultivating.  Healthy, lively soil brings harvests of the same vibrancy.  A healthy, lively community brings people up to the same vibrancy.  That is the dream.” – Natalie

Private Gardening Lesson

2 Hour At-Home Gardening Lesson

Want to learn about gardening while building your own garden at home or in your new community garden plot in the Los Angeles area?

We will transform up to 4 square feet of your property into a perennial beginner’s garden while you learn how to cultivate and nurture your new plants.

Perennial Garden Choices

Herbal Tea GardenLavender, Pineapple Sage, Mint & Lemon Balm

Cooking Herb GardenItalian Sage, Basil, Cilantro & Thyme 

Bee & Butterfly Native GardenBee & Butterfly-Friendly Native Wildflowers

What is included?

2 Hour Gardening Lesson with Natalie

A Customized List of Local Stores and Online Resources for equipment, plants and soil amendments with tips and tricks for buying garden necessities

A Multifunctional Soil Meter

Soil amendments, starter plants and seeds

Your Choice of One Waterproof Nature Field Guide (Wildflowers, Butterflies, Birds, Mammals, Peppers or Night Sky)

A Plant Care Guide for the plants in your new garden

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All for $199


☑ Do you live in the Los Angeles area?

☑ If you own your property, pick a sunny area of your yard for us to build the garden.

☑ If you rent your property, make sure you are able to plant the garden per your lease agreement with the landowner.

If everything applies, then you are eligible to purchase a workshop.


I will send you a quick questionnaire so I can get to know your yard, your garden needs and your availability (Fridays & Saturdays only).

You will send me a photo of the area we will plant, and select the kind of garden you would like to build (see the Garden Choices below).

On the gardening day, Natalie will evaluate your selected garden area and observe the effects of the elements. With this information she will decide what layout will work best for your space.

You will build up the health of your soil by learning how to prep it for best growth, and we will cultivate the garden.

By the end of our session,
you’ll know how to take care of your beginner’s garden,
where to get any needed supplies and materials,
and know a plant guru available to answer garden questions!



Get to Know Herbs Workshops (Held March though June)


Email Natalie Your Questions: